Arbitrage CPA Machines Review – Effortless $10,000+ CPA Formula

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What is Arbitrage CPA Machines?

Arbitrage CPA Machines is a PDF guide created by Flemin Goh and Liming Wu, which showing you how to make money with CPA via Facebook.

It is a 30 pages PDF file with a step-by-step style to show you how to set up the whole system in 3 steps.

With CPA, you don’t need to sell or ship anything. Also, you don’t need to deal with a lot of things such like list building, product creation and any marketing experience.

So, it is a good option for those who just get started to make money online without any marketing experiences.

For more details of Arbitrage CPA Machines, you can check out the sales page here.

What is the Inside of Arbitrage CPA Machines?

After you made your payment and download the product. You’ll see a PDF file and below is the table of the content:



Below are the summaries of each section…

The Overview

The overview section is just a brief introduction of what this system is all about.

It explains what is CPA and some marketing terms, tools that you need to know.

Get a CPA Network Account

This section shows you which CPA networks you should join. Flemin Goh and Liming Wu reveal the 6 CPA networks you join and pick offers from them.

Choose an Offer

After getting approval by CPA networks, you need to choose the offers to promote. In this section, Flemin Goh and Liming Wu reveal what kinds of offer you should stay away and what kinds of offer are perfect for Facebook traffic.

In my opinion, this is one of the important parts of CPA marketing which will determine whether you’ll be successful or not.

Set up campaign in Facebook

An important part of Arbitrage CPA Machines system. It is in a step-by-step style which you can follow without any difficulty.

In this section, you’ll need to…

1. build you landing page.
2. prepare you ad copy and images.
3. create a fanpage.
4. create your campaign.

Flemin Goh and Liming Wu show in this guide what kinds of ad copy you should use, also a “spy tool” you can use if you don’t know how to write a good one.

You’ll also be showing how to create you campaign. The campaign settings, budgets …etc.

Optimization of a campaign

In my opinion, this is the most important part of the whole system. With a paid campaign, you need to know how to optimize your campaign without losing your shirt.

Flemin Goh and Liming Wu did a good job on explaining when to stop your campaign or when to scale it.

Scale up Profit

There is no need to explain this section. After finding a profitable campaign and setting, just scale it and make the profit from it.


In this section, you can find all the tools to make this system work better.

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The Upsells of Arbitrage CPA Machines

There are 3 upsells come with Arbitrage CPA Machines.

The first upsell is a live case study (over 1hr) of this system which costs $17.97.


It is a case study of how they use Arbitrage CPA Machine system to make $2k per day.

Flemin Goh and Liming Wu show you live on their computer how to apply each step of Arbitrage CPA Machines system.

The second upsell is a live case study (over 1hr) of this system which costs $27.17.

These campaigns are extracted from their accounts in May 2016.

Inside of each campaign, you’ll get the following information:

  • Which CPA Network
  • The Offer name
  • Ad Objective
  • Ad copy
  • Ad Settings

All you need is to plug in your Facebook account, and you are ready to go.

The third upsell is a face-to-face one hour skype coaching call which costs $77.17.

This upsell is pretty clear that you can get personal coaching which almost guaranteed to success in Arbitrage CPA Machines system.

So What Do I Think of Arbitrage CPA Machines Over All?

I like the presentation style of this course. It is in step-by-step style with images in PDF guide. Easy to understand and easy to follow.

I like the campaign optimization section most. Again, in my opinion, this is the most important part of paid advertising.

Also, there is some learning curve involved. Such like building landing page, write ad copy and upload to your hosting account.

If you are an experienced marketer, you’ll be fine with this.

If you are totally newbie and want to test this system fast, then I’d suggest you pick up the 2nd upsell which you can skip the hassle stuff.

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My Arbitrage CPA Machines Bonuses and Why You Should Get Them?

Arbitrage CPA Machines is all about CPA marketing. So I have included the following bonuses for you.

From these bonuses, you will learn…

  • how to use Facebook for CPA marketing?
  • how to siphon CHEAP Traffic from Facebook?
  • how to use fanpage to maximize your exposure and build a brand with Facebook?
  • how to drive more traffic outside Facebook?

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Bonus #3 -Facebook Traffic Revised ($27 value)


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